March Goals | Spring 2022

This is the beginning of a new month which means that we have a fresh start (yet again). I am not waiting another day for a fresh start, since we already know that January and February 2022 were bleh months for me. I am still catching up on the comments from January. No, I have not forgotten about you all. To all of my loyal readers and blogging friends, thank you for putting up with my sloth-like self. What I really need right now is a steeped tea and a calm place to escape to which does not exist in my world. As I continue to search for my quiet sanctuary, I often think back to life before the pandemic started 😷 When I was at U of Calgary B.C. (before Covid-19), I used to escape to the arboretum on campus. I really miss that place. *Le sigh*

If you knew me IRL, my life would probably bore you. If I am not doing mundane, mind-numbing chores, I am probably working or taking care of my 5-year old kinder and 9-month old baby. That being said, I want to be more organized this month so I think it’s only fair that I hold myself accountable somehow. Since I haven’t used Instagram since 2019, I don’t see the point of using IG stories, even though I have had some success with it in the past. Right now, blogging is the main platform that I use so it makes sense to share my goals here with my readers. Just a quick note that my goals this month are rather vague and I have not gone into much detail yet regarding my current diet. Perhaps I will elaborate more about my weight loss journey and plans in a future blog post if anyone is interested. FYI I am not overweight but I want to lose belly fat, specifically visceral fat. I fit the definition of skinny fat which is annoying because I cannot wear cute clothes without hating myself. 😓

The Daily Grind ☕💕

By now, we all know that I lack the motivation to grind away at writing, editing, and uploading new content for this blog. Even on my days off, I am too lazy to get off the couch and actually do something productive. The recipes I made earlier this week were not “Insta worthy” so I didn’t bother snapping photos. I would like to share my low-carb recipes with you, but the perfectionist in me is stopping me from actually following through with it. Perfectionism is a B.I.T.C.H. 🤦‍♀️ I currently have 31 drafts on WordPress + ideas in my head + ideas that live on a notepad on my iPhone. That being said, I refuse to upload half-baked blog posts just for the sake of gaining more views and followers.

Old News is New News

In other news, I was sick (again) during the month of February. To add to this series of unfortunate events, I was unable to find a habit tracker because Costco didn’t carry them this year and the calendar store is closed until further notice 🙇‍♀️ I am a visual learner and seem to do better when I can physically see what goals I need to achieve. Right now, I lack direction and feel a bit lost when it comes to setting short-term and long-term goals which is no surprise considering that I haven’t been using a planner at all. At this time, I am thinking of sharing my goals with you to keep myself accountable for the month of March. I really seem to struggle with finding the energy and motivation to stop being a lazy potato.

It is hard to believe that one year has passed since I last posted my goals for March 2021 🌸 You can also read about how that went down here. 🌸 I have decided to keep the same layout this year. Below ↓ I will show you my list for the month of March 2022. My daily lists are very similar except that daily lists include mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning. So what does my list for the month of March look like? Here, let me show you:

March Goals 2022

Career Goals:

  • Continue to work weekends and Fridays, preferably evening shifts
  • Bid on shifts so I average 7-9 shifts per month
  • Renew and review courses on MLL
  • Attend 2 online wellness seminars

Personal Goals:

  • Publish 1-2 blog posts per month
  • Publish 2-3 recipes and/or poems
  • Keep tabs on doctor’s appointments/pending appointments
  • Continue to declutter house every day
  • Have an IRL meeting/get-together

Health Goals:

  • Follow a low carb diet for 3+ months
  • Continue Intermittent Fasting (IF)
  • Slash 90-95% of wheat products. Slash 70% of refined foods including refined sugar 🧁
  • More cooking and baking at home
  • Daily walks and sunshine if weather permits ☀️

Not that anyone cares: My scale needs new batteries so I don’t know my actual weight. The way my clothes fit is a better indicator than a stupid number on the scale. I don’t care about weight as much as the way I feel on the inside and I know that my BMI falls within the healthy range of 18.5 – 24.9. And yet, people often tell me that I do not need to lose weight, but they aren’t me. What I do know is that I don’t feel good on the inside. I want to feel healthier and my body looks (and feels) tired. Ideally, I would like a flatter stomach by summer so that is what I am working towards. More importantly, I want to get rid of my inflammation as a result of sensitivities to certain foods. The last time I felt comfortable in my own body was in 2015. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but affirmations and mantras about body positivity do not make me feel better about myself. I also came to the harsh reality that I haven’t made much progress since 2017 when I wrote a blog post about my dieting woes called No Carbs, No Life.

“Oh I don’t need real food. I’ll just live on this raw cabbage. I’m so happy. This is fine. Everything is fine.” — Jenny Lawson

Do you have any goals that you are trying to achieve this month? If you do, what are they? Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment below ↓ I look forward to reading your comments. I am working this weekend, so I will reply to your comments and catch up on blog posts when I have time.

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

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29 thoughts on “March Goals | Spring 2022

  1. ZeroSpace says:

    Remember to be kind. I think your goal setting tendencies are a good thing, but there’s a risk with your kind of personality of beating yourself up if you don’t met every check mark. You have high standards on yourself for someone who has two little kids. It’s well known how childbirth changed the body and makes it more challenging to reach fitness goals. Especially when you are devoting much energy to raising f kids. So be kind 💜
    I am also skinny fat. Like generally a thinner frame and not obese but higher fat than muscle and the abdomen fat that makes me look a little pregnant because it’s the highest area of concentrated fat on my body. It’s a bitch. I know how it is.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I have an enamel pin that literally says, “Be Kind” on it, which I don’t wear but probably should. I have a history of full-blown anorexia (from 132lbs to 98lbs when I was 13 years old) and I haven’t been anorexic since. Do I still have an ED? It’s questionable. In the past, I have managed to lose ~25 lbs within ~3 months due to other means than anorexia, such as Intermittent Fasting (IF) with is closely related to OMAD, another thing I did in university before I learned what that was. Right now, I am super frustrated that these strategies don’t work as well as they used to. I have a small frame too but the % of body fat is probably much higher than what the BMI suggests. I don’t know the specifics, but what I do know is that skinny fat sucks. Positive body affirmations suck. Low carb sucks. That’s my life now, I guess. Things suck. I haven’t worn jeans in over 1.5 years 😭 Stupid sluggish adrenals and all the fun of getting older that comes along with it.

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  2. Backporchwriter says:

    OMGosh our writing style and personalities kinda seems alike. Although I’m much older. My campus days and family raising days are over. I’m following and I wish you luck in your goals. Hoping to meet mine too. 🙂 Just keep nudging along. A little progress is better than no progress. That got me thru Feb. Life is so busy.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      This was my first impression too! I was like, “Wow, our writing styles are very similar!” 😆 I’m 30 going on 31 so Idk what category that puts me in, but I am an old soul at heart. I recently followed your blog. Thanks for the follow btw! I hope that you find some nuggets of wisdom in these blog posts. You are totally right – some progress is better than no progress. I blame my lack of progress on the winter blues. Hey, we gotta blame something other than ourselves, right? 😅


  3. hellosamanthadear says:

    Holy smokes – is that your view from your laptop seating?!?! The view/architecture/furniture is AMAZING!!! Anyhow, I love that you set goals and proactively write them out to keep tabs on them. The company I work for (I work from home) has us complete a monthly goals & habits tracker and we evaluate how we did at the end of the month on a group call. It is REALLY helpful!!! Wishing you the best luck with your March goals! 💕

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      It was my view back when I was in university, whenever the arboretum was open. Yes, that is my laptop and yes, I was writing an essay (consolidated learning thingy) for one of my classes. We had to write a lot of essays and that carried over into blogging 😂

      I finally got a planner yesterday so I’m hoping to start using it. I’ve been totally lost without a habit tracker/planner. That’s really cool that your work focusses on setting goals and habit tracking 🙂 What kind of job do you have?

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      • Hilary Tan says:

        It really is! There is a photo of me on the campus in 2015 under my “about me” section. I used to think, “Wow! This is a pretty campus!” 😄 Since then, they took down the outdoor sculptures and have been doing construction ever since. And when the pandemic hit, they closed the arboretum until further notice.

        I don’t live near the university anymore and I moved to the opposite end of the city after I graduated. It’s still crazy how I was ended up going to U of Calgary in 2018. 😊

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      The last 2 weeks have been awful, and all of this happened after I uploaded this blog post. I have been struggling this month d/t these unforeseen circumstances. I learned that depression will majorly demotivate and take me further away from my goals. I plan to get back on track once we get some good news.

      I am happy that it is finally spring and that the days are getting longer now. I hope to go for a long walk later this week to clear my head. Yay for nicer weather! 🌻🌻


  4. Pooja G says:

    All the best with your goals this month! This month I want to post more regularly, find a better balance between work and everything else, spend more time doing art and try new recipes. It’s not a lot but I’m excited for March.

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  5. buddy71 says:

    As one gets older, it is more difficult to shed the weight and women who have children, the hormones don’t help. But some sort of abdominal exercises should help flatten the tummy. As for jeans, wrangler makes them with expanding/ elastic waistband. At least for men since I own several pairs. I’m sure you look marvelous. Good luck with your goals and like others have said…be kind/nice to yourself.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I know some people who wear Spanx under their scrubs. I am not kidding. I have tried HIT exercises but burned out after a couple of weeks. Now I just do cardio and eat clean. By clean I mean the “no added crap” diet. If it looks like an almond and tastes like an almond, then it’s probably an almond. I am over the fad diets so now it’s just clean eating (as much as possible) for me. I cannot seem to handle refined wheat and added sugar without gaining weight. I completely agree that hormones have a lot to do with sluggish weight loss. Sadly, I am not done having kids and hope to have one more. I rather be finished having kids so I can work towards getting my body back.


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