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I’m just your average Canadian female Millenial, 2-time degree holder, wife, and mommy to Rebecca and Baby Aaron. I used to loathe writing, but writing became my hobby after quitting my social media addiction. Back then, I used social media as a way to cope with loneliness but now I am finding my tribe here on WordPress. I hope people stumble upon my blog and it moves them, and if it doesn’t that’s OK too. Hopefully, somebody can relate to the anxiety, loneliness, and stress that I face each and every day. Feel free to like, comment and share my posts if they made your day a little brighter. —Hilary ♥

I try to update this blog frequently, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you like my content, you can still follow me on my social media accounts. Please note that I am taking a hiatus from Instagram until further notice. My mental health is fragile.

Instagram: @serene_hilz  

Twitter: @hellokitty8404 


May 7, 2016 | Ontario, Canada


Exploring Campus at University of Calgary, AB

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