Less Talking, More Listening

Paradoxes are literally EVERYWHERE in life

What is a paradox? A paradox is a statement that may seem absurd or contradictory but yet can be true, or at least makes sense.

pict--arrow-loop-sales-arrows---vector-stencils-library.png--diagram-flowchart-exampleFunny thing that I learned about the universe is that life is a paradox with many smaller paradoxes. The littlest, most mundane (and sometimes most annoying) things in life may actually be trying to subtly teach you something. If you are a believer in God, then he is truly a master in disguise.

So I have been #not-blessed with this sickness after recovering from conjunctivitis last week. Being sick with one thing after another is far from pleasant. Anyways, my awful sore throat decided that my body would play host to it last Thursday while I was just starting to recover form conjunctivitis. See my last post for the full story. Unfortunately, I have not had a restful sleep in several days and this sore throat has no plans to leave any time soon. After finding out that I have laryngitis AND tracheitis (like is this really a thing?), the doctor told not to talk for the next 2-3 weeks to avoid agitating my larynx which will prevent coughing fits and lead to easier breathing. Because this sickness is probably viral, no OTC meds are going to help me recover any faster no matter how hard I try. Lovely, eh? Knowing that I have little control over my sickness and my health it seems, and that I should just STFU to make everything better, I know this recovery won’t be easy. Talking is part of my job as a student and part of my existence on this planet. I guess what God is trying to teach me is that I will need to do some deep introspective thinking about my life and the people who I interact with which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Maybe its’s time to personally reflect on my own shortcomings to gain a deeper understanding of life | Photo sourced from https://www.pexels.com/photo/amazing-balance-blur-boulder-312839/

Ont thing that I am certain of in life is that everything happens for a reason or is somehow supposed to teach you lessons. So what is my lesson here? To become an active listener. Since I shouldn’t be talking, I will be forced to listen to others and think before I open my mouth.🤐

What lessons are you learning today? This month? Please join the conversation and leave a comment below↓

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4 thoughts on “Less Talking, More Listening

  1. Atra Fabula says:

    I enjoyed reading, though I suppose I am not seeing paradoxes in the same way — maybe I just can’t steer my mind in that direction at the moment. I love the photo, though. I stared at it for a long moment thinking it was a unicorn horn before realizing it is rocks.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      Hi Atra! Thank you for following and commenting. That’s okay if my post doesn’t make much sense. The paradox inspiration came from a guy who studies philosophy. His website is selfactualized.org and he has a podcast about the many paradoxes that exist in every day life. I highly recommend his podcasts because he talks about this stuff in great detail.

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  2. Vihani says:

    It is so lovey how you have decided to use this opportunity in order to grow yourself, to reflect more, rather than taking it as a burden and worrying that you wouldn’t be able to speak.

    And I hope you are back to normal now 😊
    Thank you very much for sharing this, makes others really think about how blessed they are for being able to speak, and that we should always be grateful for the things (even the smallest things) we have in our lives!! ❤️

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