10 Cheap Purchases that Improved My Life

Whenever I have zero motivation to write a blog post, I remind myself to take a step back and think about the topics that have been accumulating in my rough drafts. I currently have 34 topics in my rough drafts but I have zero desire to write about any of them. I had to take a Marie Kondo approach and ask myself the following question: Do any of these topics spark joy? Sadly, the answer is no. Perhaps it is time to scrap my rough drafts and start over again.

When life gets too chaotic and hectic, I often feel the need to simplify my life. It is important to take a step back to appreciate the things that make my stupid, busy life a little less stupid and busy. And not surprisingly, the items on my list are inexpensive. Does it surprise you that I have a go-to list of 10 affordable purchases that make my life more tolerable? Keep reading if you are interested! 😊

•✽ 10 Cheap Purchases that Improved my Life ✽•

1. Tylenol I know, I know. Acetaminophen aka. Tylenol (everyone here calls it Tylenol) is not very exciting but for anyone who suffers from frequent ocular migraines, it helps provide some relief. I typically use 2 tabs each of 500mg per dose.

2. Hand sanitizer If COVID-19 taught me anything, I learned about the importance of hand hygiene. It would be a crime not to hoard hand sanitizer. I carry it around with me everywhere I go and learned to embrace the plain, boring scents too.

3. Baby wipes  These wipes are not just for wiping baby bums! Baby wipes are one of the most useful things to have around the house, whether or not you are a parent. Baby wipes are incredibly useful for wiping faces, cleaning sticky surfaces, and dusting. Yes – dusting! Need to clean something fast? Use a baby wipe!

Image source: http://www.thekitchn.com

4. Alarm clock I had one of those loud, obnoxious alarm clocks that could wake the dead from their sleep. I say *had* because it fell apart over the years. Still, I never missed a shift while I was using that alarm clock. Now, I use an obnoxious ring tone on my phone which works almost as well as the alarm clock.

5. The 64-ounce hydrator water bottle Not just any water bottle! This is a 64-ounce hydrator water bottle. I bought mine from Winners for $10 and it holds 8 cups of water. Personally, I don’t like refilling a water bottle multiple times a day. My goal is to refill my water bottle twice a day for a total of 16 cups of water. If you did the math, my goal is to drink 1 Gallon (128 oz.) of water per day. I seem to fail miserably at drinking water unless I am actively tracking my water intake.

Stayin’ alive and hydrated!

6. Sharpie highlighters This is my favourite brand for both markers and highlighters. I only buy this brand for highlighters because they don’t bleed through paper or smudge the ink. During back-to-school season, you can usually find Sharpie highlighters on sale at Walmart.

7. Sheet protectors It seems like my list is turning into a “Things Around the Office” Listicle. What can I say?😂 I spend a great deal of time using office supplies. Sheet protectors are another item that I love using for notetaking, clipping recipes, saving snippets from magazines, etc. Gone are the days where I have to worry about spilling coffee on my notes. I also want to mention that sheet protectors are waterproof!

8. Bubble Bath Hot baths are good for chronic back and neck pain. A bubble bath won’t break the bank and it is one of the few things that I have to look forward to on a typical cold day in Canada. My favorite bubble bath is Korres because it makes the best bubbles in my opinion, even though this brand is more expensive than others. Trust me, not all bubbles are created equal.

9. Planner A planner can be cheap or expensive depending on your preference. Personally, I like the $4 Dollarama planner which I can throw in my backpack at any given time. For habit tracking, I like the Habit Tracking planner which I got from Costco. I usually recycle my planners after 2-3 years to cut down on clutter. I used to keep ALL of my wall calendars as a kid and ended up with a drawer full of memorabilia junk. Never again.

10. Podcasts Personal development podcasts have changed my life for the better. I use iTunes to listen to podcasts. The best part about podcasts is that they are FREE! Free edutainment – what’s not to like about that?! I listen to podcasts on a daily basis and I love learning about psychology, philosophy, spirituality, entrepreneurial skills, and decluttering. In a previous blog post, I talked about The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial. Admittedly, I don’t listen to his podcasts nearly as much as I used to, but his takeaway messages are very good. Also, a shoutout goes to my blogger friend Deandra from #TBPD. She also has a lifestyle podcast which I recommend checking out! 🙌

Overall, these 10 items help my life suck a little less. Did anything on my list surprise you? What inexpensive items would you add to your list? Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below ↓ I look forward to reading your comments.

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My Favorite Quotes: Love and Marriage

I had good intentions to write a blog post last week, but procrastination got the best of me. I write blog posts from my laptop, however, my laptop is having issues. It’s overheating again since the fan no longer works. I tried getting it fixed but the computer experts refused to fix it. Instead, they kept insisting that nothing is wrong with my laptop. I cannot for the life of me write blog posts from my iPhone. I do not understand how bloggers can write and edit blog posts from their smart phones. How does the tiny phone screen not annoy you? It’s very difficult to edit from a phone screen that is not much bigger than a deck of cards. Okay, two decks of cards but you get the point. 👩‍💻

As a continuation from my previous blog post titled, “My Favorite Quotes: Tea Time,” I want to share some of my favourite love and marriage quotes with you. There’s a bunch of em’ and I personally don’t have a favourite quote! Similar to the tea quotes, I wanted a safe place to keep these quotes because #memories but didn’t want to keep the original document. It’s only logical to write a blog post about my favourite love and marriage quotes, right? 👰🤵 Some of you may know (or don’t know) that I married my husband in May 2016 and we have been inseparable since January 2013! ❤


A rare photo of me on my wedding day. Photo taken May 7, 2016

(っ◔◡◔)っ♥ Love Is In The Air ♥




Did any of these quotes resonate with you? I am curious to know which of these love/marriage quotes is your favourite. It does not have to be one from my list. Also, do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight? Are you married or do you plan to get married one day? Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment below ↓ I will try my best to respond to your comments this week.

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My Favorite Quotes: Tea Time

Right now, I am sipping a cup of raspberry leaf tea while I am trying my best not to fall asleep at my computer desk. Even if I close my eyes for a few minutes, I would not get adequate sleep. No naps for me today. 😴 If we were having tea at my house or virtually via a Zoom meetup, I would share some of my favourite tea quotes with you. In May 2016, I printed these tea quotes and added them to cute frames to use as table placements. I wanted a safe place to keep these quotes because #memories but didn’t want to keep the original document. It’s only logical to write a blog post about my favourite tea quotes, right? 🍵💕

This blog post is as random as my mood today, and my mood happens to be a mix of depression, gloom, envy/jealousy, and frustration. Yes, it’s a weird mix of feelings and I and I am riding an emotional roller coaster right now. No, I am not dealing with PMS symptoms….yet. My depression seems to come and go in large waves, and these waves usually knock me off my feet. I will be okay; it’s just another wave that comes and goes like ocean tidal waves. As the saying goes, this too shall pass. 

Honestly, I could not find the energy or motivation to finish writing a decent blog post last week, despite multiple attempts. This morning, I resorted to reading fellow bloggers’ blog posts for inspiration, because my classic listicles and how-to guides weren’t cutting it. I was inspired by blogger Lucy, who runs a blog called Elsie LMC. If you aren’t familiar with her blog, I recommend that you check it out! She writes about similar topics, but goes into greater depth about her personal life which is a breath of fresh air. If you are currently following my blog (thank you~!), then you will probably like her content too!

It’s Time for Tea! (◡‿◡✿)



Back in 2016, I didn’t use editing apps so the quotes were not as colorful as these ones. By the way, I am curious to know which tea quote is your favourite. It does not have to be one from my list. Also, do you enjoy drinking tea? If yes, what is your favourite kind of tea? Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment below ↓

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Manifesting Money Using LoA

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book, “The Secret,” so I don’t know what I’m doing regarding manifestation. I’ve read a few articles in which I am basing my general knowledge plus guidance I’ve received from bloggers who are more experienced with the Law of Attraction. Thank you, Nova’s Namaste 365 Online, for reassuring me that I really did manifest something on Friday! ♥️

To be completely honest with you, I feel like I am not knowledgeable enough to be writing a post about how to manifest anything using the Law of Attraction (LoA). However, yesterday evening I had a very real and freaky experience where I manifested money within 24 hours after having a dry spell of zero Kijiji sales this past week. I even considered deleting my current ads or significantly lowering my prices to hopefully increase leads.



A couple days ago, I noticed that I was low on cash and down to my last $5 bill. It’s a personal choice of mine, but I try to pay using cash as much as possible to encourage more mindful spending. Later that day using silent prayer, I asked the universe for some money and I specified exactly how I would obtain this money, down to the minute details such as $amount and type of bills. Usually, I will focus on what I want and try to channel my energy so that I have a clear vision of what I’m trying to manifest.

This step is VERY important. You need to create a clear image in your head and believe that what you’re trying to manifest is abundant and available to you. 

I have experienced these little “miracles” on multiple occasions, but I did not connect the dots until now. Most of these miracles involved money manifestations since money makes the world go round, so I am starting to understand why so many people believe in the Law of Attraction. I celebrated my little victory by treating myself to a delicious Jasmine Green Milk Tea [bubble tea] from Chatime at a local bubble tea shop in the heart of downtown Calgary, AB.

img_3305_19712725211_oIf you are feeling adventurous and would like to learn how to make bubble tea at home, I posted a Mango Coconut Bubble Tea recipe listed under the “Smoothies” tab. If you are currently using the WordPress Reader, you will need to open a new window in order to access the page.

I am curious to know what awesome things you have manifested using the Law of Attraction. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below ↓

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