This or That? Christmas Edition

I find Christmas-themed blog posts a bit overdone. Everyone and their moms seem to be doing Blogmas this year. You will not find me participating in Blogmas or other holiday-themed blog challenges. Ever. They’re just not my cup of tea. Why? I feel like I shouldn’t feel the need or pressure to publish a daily blog post for the sake of publishing something. I care more about high-quality blog posts than I do about quantity. Nobody should ever feel pressure to write, because I can assure you, that is when blogging stops being fun.

Is This Déjà Vu?

Similarly, I did a Would You Rather? blog post 2 years ago which was a hit and I wanted to do it again this year. In case you missed that blog post, you can check it out here:

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I’m writing this from our new desktop PC and it feels strange, but it’s noticeably faster than my slow-poke ASUS laptop. I need to buy a new laptop, and I’ll do so after Christmas. Recently, I saw this particular idea on Instagram, out of all places, even though I rarely use Instagram. This specific This or That? challenge was created by Beth @blushing.ginger and Julie @gladyourehereco. Rather than answer one per day, I am answering them all in this blog post. After all, I prefer not to do daily holiday-themed daily challenges.

A Couple Things to Note

I just wanted to clarify that my numbers in this list are not the same as the numbers on the board. My lists used to be numbered. However,I ran into some trouble and now my list items are in a bullet point form; it’s not terrible, but the spacing is off and that bothers me. The original board shows numbers 1 to 31, with 16 total squares. I am unsure of whether or not that is intentional, so I just wanted to clear that up for you first!

Before we get started, I am not tagging anyone. You are all welcome to participate if you want to join in! ⭐Let’s get started, shall we?


  • Cosy or holiday cheer? My daughter would choose Holiday Cheer, there’s no doubt about it. As for myself, I care more about coziness than anything else. I would always pick “comfortable” over “cheerful”, especially this time of year when depression starts to get me down.
  • Snow globe or snowflakes? Do I own any snow globes? No. Do I like snow globes? Yes. There’s no need to bring the snow home when there’s snow outside. We get a lot of snow where I live and I am over it. I love how you can catch the snowflakes on your tongue when it’s snowing. So I would still choose real snow over a snow globe.
  • Candy canes or gum drops? Candy canes, duh! I don’t like gum drops or jujubes so I think my answer is obvious.
  • Baubles or bows? I like baubles because they’re spherical and delicate. I also like the variety, whether they be cheap ones from the dollar store or expensive ones.
  • Something red or something green? Personally, I don’t care for the color red, so I default to green. Even though we only have basic red and white Christmas wrapping paper this year, which clashes with everything else, red is a very bold color. Of course, my husband decided to buy me red wrapping paper to wrap presents this year. even though I hinted to the colorful, non-traditional paper. I guess he didn’t get the hint.
  • Wreath or garland? My mom decorates her stairwell with garlands. It looks so pretty lit up in festive lights and I think that it would be even prettier with garland on the railing. Even though I don’t currently have a garland in my own home, I think that it would be an excellent addition to my home as well!
  • Postcard or letter to Santa? I never cared for Santa Claus when I was young, and I still don’t care for him. He seems way too commercialized. That being said, I prefer to send a Christmas card instead of a postcard, but a postcard is better than nothing.
  • Nutcracker or elf? My mom has a big collection of Nutcrackers, including a Viking Nutcracker. I still think Nutcrackers are creepy looking but the Viking Nutcracker with the Hollywood horns is cute. I wish I had a picture of the Viking Nutcracker to show you but sadly, I don’t have one.
  • White Christmas or no snow? I think we already established that we get a ton of snow where I live, so I highly doubt that we will have a green Christmas this year. It’s almost always a white Christmas.🎄✨

  • Let It Snow or Happy Holidays? What does this even mean? Are these song titles? I don’t go around saying, “Let It Snow!” to everyone I talk to, but I might say “Happy Holidays.” Preferably, I say, “Merry Christmas!”
  • Gingerbread house or cookies? Personally, I prefer cookies because less mess. My daughter would choose the gingerbread house. We are planning on making a gingerbread house this weekend. A few years ago, I made some mini sugar cookies to give to the in-laws. I think miniature cookies are really cute, plus you can eat a lot of them without feeling too guilty about it.
  • Presents or stockings? While I agree that stockings are adorable and festive, I find them to be quite impractical. Not only are they difficult to fill to the brim with all sorts of goodies, but they also have a tendency to snag and leave a mess on the floor. This year my kids will be getting stockings sent from my parents (grandparents) so they will actually be getting stockings for now on. We won’t be spending Christmas with them this year because they live far away and my parents don’t like traveling d/t the pandemic.

  • Sledding or ice skating? I haven’t been on the ice since I was 12, but I would choose sledding. It feels safer. My daughter would probably choose both, as she is learning how to skate.

  • Winter fox or penguin? I enjoy both foxes and penguins, but I feel that penguins are a bit more traditional. That being said, I can’t help but notice how adorable winter foxes are too.

  • Hot chocolate or champagne? Let’s save the champagne for New Year’s Eve!🥂 I would have to go with hot chocolate. By the way, if you are looking for a hot chocolate recipe, I have the perfect recipe for you!

♡ Hot Chocolate Recipe: Stovetop Hot Chocolate

Thanks for stopping by!

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24 thoughts on “This or That? Christmas Edition


    This is an interesting blog
    I love the idea.
    I once had a very similar idea, such things are popular on IG, and I thought to make something like that.
    Speaking about this blog, I adore the way you have shared it. The pics are lovely. Loved your Christmas tree.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      Thank you! I did something similar in 2020 and shared that link too. I like these types of blog posts because I don’t have to come up with a new idea. Someone else already did the prompts 🙂

      Usually, I get ideas form WordPress but this one happened to be on IG. What are the odds of that, considering I hardly use IG? 🤔

      Thank you so much! 🤗✨ I wasn’t sure how it would look on the reader but I’m glad it looks okay. We have the scrawniest, fake Christmas tree so I tried my best to make it pretty with the blue and silver baubles. All of the ornaments came from Dollarama, including the butterflies.

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  2. buddy71 says:

    Ha! I also kind of like snow globes but I don’t have any and don’t care to have any. But they are kind of cool. I do have a snow globe type popsocket on my phone and also set one to my GF. So we have matching popsockets. LOL. I really don’t do Christmas but I do send out holiday cards to friends and family. There was a time that I would put up a Christmas tree, but the cats would attack it. So no Christmas tree. Guess you could just say I’m a bah humbug about it overall. Lol. I spent too many Christmases working and they were never a fun time. But I do like your list and I do like this posting of yours. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      Snow globes are dust collectors in my opinion, and if I were to have one snow globe I would be tempted to own more. I don’t like clutter but I do like snow globes. I’m not sure what a pop socket is… is that the thing you attach to the back of your phone so you can hold it? I’ve never had one but they seem popular. I guess that’s the best kind of snow globe because it goes with you 🙂

      Funny enough, my cat tries to eat our Christmas tree so we had to move the tree upstairs this year. He still tries to eat the tree so I lock him out of the room (well, I try to…) he still manages to find a way to get to the tree. He’s a persistent, opportunist cat. Thank you – I will try to have a good Christmas even though it’s quaint and boring this year. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday as well! ⛄️🎄


  3. Pooja G says:

    I don’t do Blogmas either, I don’t like feeling like I have to do something. I would rather post because I want to even if that means I don’t post every day.
    This was a fun tag and when it said “Snow globe or snowflakes?” I thought it meant would you rather live in a snow globe or be out in real snow lol. I would love to live in a snow globe if it has a tiny house with a tiny TV and a tiny WiFi router… 😂

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  4. wretchedanddivine (Rose) says:

    This is a fun activity! I don’t have any snow globes either but would like one. I think they look really nice, but I’m also kind of cheap and already have a lot of things in my room. Maybe I’ll be lucky one day and find them at a thrift shop.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I think I may have had a snow globe as a kid.. if I did it was really tiny. Not sure if it’s in storage or if my mom threw it out. There’s nothing wrong with being cheap – I am too (and frugal). My Christmas tree was decorated head to toe in Dollarama! 🎄 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! ✨

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