Alone Together

Disclaimer: This poem was originally posted under pages, so nobody stumbled upon it. I am re-publishing all of my poems to reflect the direction that this blog is headed in. Thank you for understanding. If you like this poem, feel free to check out my other poetry musings here.✨

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Thanks for reading! ♡

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8 thoughts on “Alone Together

    • Hilary Tan says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I wrote it back in winter 2018 while my husband and I were separated for 7 months. He was trying to get transferred to Calgary, Alberta. I had just started university here. He had our 1 year old daughter while I was living by myself.

      When I wrote this poem, I was very ill and could barely function. University had just started and I was feeling miserable being alone, homesick, and physically sick.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      Thanks for reading, Melissa! 😇 I think you’ll like the very raw, 100% original, bullshit-free poem I’m going to upload next week! It’s even better than this one in my humble opinion.

      I had published all of these poems under daughter Pages years ago but nobody saw them. If uploads don’t show up on the WP Reader, nobody ever reads them. Eventually I caved and upgraded my blog, so now I’m able to edit things the way I want rather than resort to a gazillion daughter pages that I never liked anyways. 🙇‍♀️

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