RIP Old Friend 💀❌

My poor MacBook had an unfortunate encounter with my beloved steeped tea the other day. Steeped tea has always been my stress reliever go-to drink whenever I needed a caffeine buzz, and admittedly, it’s still my favorite caffeinated drink to this day, mainly because it’s still cheaper than anything else to be had on campus. Therefore, I learned to love this comforting drink despite the price hikes because of #Canadian-inflation. Tim Hortons, you need to redesign your lids. Seriously! They are the flimsiest lids compared to the lids from other coffee chains and they’re not very ergonomic in my humble opinion. Although I’m a devoted steeped tea lover, I learned a valuable lesson this week; that Apple products cannot handle the tiniest spill of tea or water. It doesn’t matter how fast you are to react and clean up the spill because you can kiss your Macbook goodbye. I know other people who have also experienced the unfortunate deaths of their MacBooks so I understand their losses on a personal level.

To the few kind souls who read my posts, I have not been able to write as religiously as I would like to. Now that the semester is finally over, I have no more excuses, except for the fact that I am without a laptop for a while. As I madly type away on the school’s computer, I am once again reminded of the fact that this problem could have been avoided had I not been overly-anxiously-stressed-to-the-max in study-cram mode. I don’t know whether to blame Tim Horton’s for their horrible cup design, or the fact that Apple products are unreliable. Or maybe this mess really is my fault and I’m just too damn klutzy.  It’s just not the same typing on a desktop computer but I better get used to it quickly. Like any proper funeral, I went ahead and wrote a eulogy which is “a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died.” The reference came from Google search.

Dear CrapBook, 
Even though you could barely hold a charge and I was forced to sit at the back of the lecture room in order to survive the 3 hour lectures by arriving half an hour early to guarantee my spot next to the ONLY outlet available to 110 students, even though my back killed from dragging you to class in which I had to resort to a really lame reusable grocery bag to carry you in, even though I was always the last one out of class because of the unnecessary bags that I had to drag around thanks to you, even though Nicholas stayed up all night to install Windows on you because I couldn’t operate your iOS interface, even though you crashed a couple of times and I lost all of my lecture notes and photos more than once, you were still my laptop. Even though you were a pain in the neck and I only had you since 2014, not having you at my convenience made me realize that I live in a society that takes technology for granted.

💀 RIP old friend 💀


Yes, I edited this image myself. By HILLZ


7 thoughts on “RIP Old Friend 💀❌

  1. Stephan Caraway says:

    I forgot my glasses today, so sorry for the typo. I meant to say “Mine died”. Lol so humiliating. Re: your child. It’s a great age enjoy every minute. They don’t look at you as flawed, they revere you with awe and wonder. I believe the way they love us and see us is the same way God does; with awe and wonder.

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    • Hilary Tan says:

      I assumed you meant that lol.” No worries, I wish WordPress had an editing option for comments. Despite my daughter’s visual impairment, she is a happy child. She doesn’t seem to care that she doesn’t have vision in one eye. She lives in the moment and is happy to be alive. She’s happier than I am. I agree, we can learn so much from observing babies.

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